Urine Gone! as seen on TV review (It Works!)

Urine Gone! –  A product named after what it claims. The infomercial grabs our attention with frustrated pet owners about to lose thier minds because of pet odors. But this as seen on TV product saves the day just in time.

It’s a very bold way to direct our attention to a product, and a clever way to help us remember its name and what it does. But does it live up to its name? Let’s find out.

Clarification Needed

This is Urine Gone!

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Let’s be clear Urine Gone is different from Urine B-Gone. This review is about Urine Gone as seen on TV. Urine B-Gone is a pet stain remover also but most pet owners find the residual odor too strong and have left a lot of negative reviews about it.

How does Urine Gone works?

As seen on the tv infomercial, Urine Gone claims to use an amazing enzyme action to clean and deodorize at the same time; eliminate the odors of animals and human urines; and even removes stains not only from carpets, but also the carpet padding and floor board.

In the infomercial they also claim that when compared to a leading competitor, Urine Gone works faster and is more effective.

If this product checks out, these are just the kind of issues you pet lovers would like to be able to address. Yes your pet may be well trained but they still may have little accidents that leave stubborn smelly reminders.

If your pet is potty trained and suddenly starts peeing outside of their litter box then you may need to check with your vet to see if they have an underlying heakth condition.

And don’t forget that whether young or old we too can experience our little embarrassing moments.

The amazing Enzyme Action mentioned earlier: the premise on which Urine Gone claim rests, is said to be proven by laboratory testing. The Claim is that with this amazing enzyme, Urine Gone has an appetite for urine; it finds it; breaks it down and digest down completely away.

It’s time for us to do our testing.

A look at Enzymes – Urine Gone’s Secret Ingredient

Enzymes are proteins and biocatalyst. It is common knowledge that enzymes are found in the digestive tract and take part in the breakdown of food materials into simpler compounds.

The action of enzymes has been long recognized but only recently has its importance been realized. Today we have enzymes in the forms of microorganisms that are used in brewing processes, in baking, in the production of alcohol and for centuries the production of cheese.

Back in 1959 enzymes have proven to be more valuable in developing the first (detergent) method for removing protein stained out of fabrics. With detergents being a heavily used household product, this discovery has been revolutionary, setting the largest ever enzymes application. This means that all of us are already actual users of enzymatic products.

Enzymes Action – Plausible Method

Extensive research and numerous discoveries surrounding enzymes have resulted in development and production of different enzymes to remove different types of troublesome stains. There are also enzymes that have a softening effect on fabrics… does this ring a bell?

Urine Gone! works – The Reviews

So the task proposal of Urine Gone is quite attainable, but as for it’s amazing results….well let’s hear from the users of the products. Most of the customers, who shared their review of this product, are repeated users, including pet lovers, parents of small kids and senior care workers. What they all have in common though was their approval of this product.

The comments are almost always the same many say,

“This stuff actually works.”

“By far the best product I have ever used.”

“I won’t be using anything else.”

“The only thing that works”

“Best product ever!”

“Leaps and bounds ahead of other products used”

“This cleaner is magical.”

These reviews are great but there was one thing negative thread that kept coming up.

The One Problem With Urine Gone!  Requires More  of the Product Than Advertised

So Urine Gone really does live up to its name but works in a slight variation to how it’s portrayed on TV. In the infomercial they say “Just spray it on and it’s gone.”

But it really requires that you heavily spray, soak, wait to dry and then vacuum. As for stain and smell, they are gone completely in a day or 2 afterbeen completely dry, sometimes even requiring two applications.

I Recommend It

The bottom line is this, exaggerating how quickly it works doesn’t take away from the fact that it does work. The Urine Gone tackles not only urine but barf and stool, just clean the mess, let it dry and then apply Urine Gone to do what it does best.

It’s nontoxic, gentle on fabrics and pleasant smelling. If not for overnight accidents or pets, urine gone would be a great agent in helping to clean anapartment or house that was previously occupied. With your senses of sight and smell involved you can clean with confidence, when using Urine Gone!

I strongly recommend Urine Gone! It says what it does and does what it says.

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