Top 7 Infomercials for 2019

I spy a trend. I checked to see what are the most popular infomercials for as seen on TV products this year, so far, and I must say, I was not surprised. It turns out that cooking appliances top the list in the top 7 Infomercials for 2019.

What is an infomercial? For those of you who are not familiar with the official jargon. These are a new breed of video advertisements, also called advertorials that are about as long an episode of a TV show. Their main purpose is to sell the product that they are advertising by showing in depth demonstrations of the different functions and how it can help you solve your problems.

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Companies usually hire a well-known celebrity to introduce the product. Infomercials may include testimonials from actual users or hire actors to re-enact comments of actual users.

Sometimes, there may be interviews with experts in the particular industry. For example a doctor may be interviewed about the efficacy of product that treats pain.

And The Top Seven Infomercials for 2019 Are…

1. The Ninja Foodie Infomercial

Ninja Foodie ImageThe Ninja foodie is a pressure cooker plus air fryer in one. It pressure cooks the food first to make it tender, then the air fryer function crisps the food on the outside with ultra-high heat for a more palatable crispy texture. It also has a sear and saute function so it can brown meat and stir-fry vegetables.



2. The Air Fryer Infomercial

So the Power Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance that, as the name suggests uses hot air to fry foods, without the need to add excess oil or fat.

The Air fryer oven is the supersized version of the original air fryer with racks and shelves like a convectional oven.



3. The Trumpy Bear

Trumpy BearNope. This is not a cooking appliance. It’s a stuffed animal called Trumpy Bear. As you can imagine efforts have been made for him to look like the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, with his signature blonde hairstyle.

This 22 inch plush animal also comes with a 28″ by 30″American Flag themed blanket.


4. Squat Magic Infomercial

squat magic all in one gym

Fourth on the list, is the Squat Magic Home Gym system. It looks like a one legged adjustable stool, you adjust it to your height. Sit on it and squat against the resistance. Then you repeat the squat. It is supposed to strengthen your leg muscles, calves, lower back, core and glutes.



5. The Instant Pot Infomercial

You may be familiar with this one. It was all the rave in early 2018 but was over taken by the Ninja Foodie later in the year. I did a post comparing the Instant Pot Versus a regular stove top pressure cooker. It is an electric pressure cooker with a saute function that lets you brown the meat before pressure-cooking.



6. The Shark Apex Vacuum Infomercial

sharp apex duo clean vaccuum

This shark vacuum is another iteration of the previous series of shark vacuums. The main selling point of the apex is it’s improved turbo suction.



7. Jordan Belfort Infomercial

This is neither a household appliance nor a wrinkle cream, but people watching the Wolf of Wall Street is interested in getting to know the man behind the story. Jordan Belfort is a sales trainer who hosts events geared at training people how to close a sale and make more money.



A note about infomercials… Read this before purchasing a product that you have seen on TV

Infomercials are cleverly designed to get your adrenaline flowing. You are most likely to regret the decision to buy after all the excitement wears off.

Do not rush yourself to buy a product just because you feel excited. Think about your needs and your family’s needs and make sure that what the product is offering to do for you will actually solve a problem in your household.

Be careful of upgrades also known as deluxe or premium packages. Sometimes the letters XL are added to supersized your purchase. These are called up-sells and they are a marketing tactic used by marketers all over the world. Many bundled packages are not included in the price for the basic product and may cost you double the amount of money you planned to spend.

You will need time to learn how to use the new product. Most products that have to be demonstrated on TV usually have a learning curve. Keep this in mind before trying to return the product. Read the instruction manuals and watch any tutorial videos that may accompany the product.

USE THE PRODUCT AS SOON AS YOU UNDERSTAND HOW : The main reason why you want to do this is because most warranties are time sensitive. You don’t want to start using the product a few months later and it breaks or stops working and you find out that the warranty is up.

Always assume that if the product doesn’t work you may not get your money back. Most companies offer a so-called iron clad guarantee with their product. But the most frequent negative reviews I’ve read for any product, good or bad are, “crappy support”, “they said the warranty does not cover that kind of damage” or “cannot get in touch with company to get my money back”.

The main reason for this is, most innovative products are launched with outsourced customer service help. The people you talk with are not necessarily those who have a connection to the product and they are trained to hold out to the last before giving you a refund.

Sometimes the only way to get around this is to buy the product from a reputable online marketplace like Mostly because they will penalize sellers who do not honor their warranties.

Otherwise, there is nothing you can do to
get your money back.

They know that you will not sue them because you would rather lose the $200 or so that you may have spent on the product than paying thousands in legal fees.

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