The Ninja Foodie reviews from top YouTubers

Sometimes the best way to know if a product is all that it is advertised to be is to see it being used by regular people. So if you missed the infomercial because you just couldn’t wake up at 4am to watch it, have no fear these YouTubers have you covered.

The Ninja Foodie has taken the kitchen appliance market by storm. This short video below introduces you to the basics of this innovative pot. I don’t even know what to call it. The creators say that it is a pressure cooker plus Air Fryer in one.

We love the Ninja Foodie, that is why it is the first one the list  for top infomercials for 2019. It is also the top pick among these YouTubers. Here is a round up of the top 3 Ninja Foodie reviews.

1. Jeff from pressure luck loves the crisping function but finds it a little bit bulky

 2: Watch as Jess from Live Well Cooks a whole chicken in the pressure cooker

3: Watch John Saunders  make pot roast in his new electric pressure cooker


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