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You must have heard about PiYo workout DVD set by now. It’s the new BeachBody workout that claims to be low impact, ‘without any heart-pounding cardio’. This may sound like music to your ears if you are looking for a low impact exercise program that you can do in just a few minutes each day and get body-sculpting results. Have you been thinking about buying it?

What you’ll get when you buy PiYo workout DVD

Let’s unbox a PiYo workout package. In the following video Chalene Johnson, the creator of the exercise routines, shows what you will get when you buy the program.

  1. The program is divided into 3 DVDs containing 7 main workouts and two bonus workouts. The workouts are aptly named for each level.
  2. The quick start guide
  3. The get lean eating plan
  4. 60  Workout Wall Chart

Start with Align: The Fundamentals, then work your way through

Define Lower body, Define Upper Body, Sweat, Strength Intervals, Drench and Sculpt.


So what is PiYo? Piyo is a workout program that was created by fitness expert, Chalene Johnson. The program is available through live streaming on the BeachBody.com website but you can buy the base kit on DVD online. The main selling point of the program is that it requires no equipment. It is advertised as very low impact like Yoga but without the long poses that some people find boring. There is also no jumping or boring reps that prevent many people from exercising in the first place.

Are you looking for the PiYo infomercial? Go here to see a video showing how PiYo works.

PiYo workout reviews : what actual customers say

It’s easy to be convinced that a program works by watching cleverly crafted testimonials on TV during an infomercial but to find out if it is legit we have to read reviews of regular people who have actually bought and used the program. Here is a sample of what people are saying about PiYo exercise program.


Easy to stick to: 5 out of 10 people who left a review says they liked the program. Many found that it was easy to stick to it and actually looked forward to doing it each day. According to healthypeople.gov, the number one reason why most people fail when try to start an exercise routine is it’s hard to stick to it. So if this program helps people to remain active for longer then I give it high points.

Cardio-free: Perfect if you do not like cardio. There is no cardio so your heart rate will remain stable throughout the workout. Some people begin to feel faint whenever their heart rate increase too rapidly, this set of routines will not cause that.

Low-Impact: There is no jumping or jerky repetitive lunging


Very little space required: If you have been making excuses that you do not have the space to workout then you may want to give this try. Just spread out a yoga mat or regular exercise mat and you are ready to start exercising.


Streaming fees: If you want to go beyond the workout provided on the DVDs you will need to pay a monthly streaming fee to access the pro level PiYo workout online.


Infomercials: The videos contain infomercials and advertisements for other products between each workout. You may find this very annoying if you are just trying to get through the routine in a short amount of time.

Customer service could be better: Most people complained that customer support was not very good for this product. If you buy it through Amazon.com you can guarantee that you will get your money back even if there is a problem contacting the seller.

PiYo workout results.

Some customers who followed the program were proud to share their results. Some even sharing before and after pics.

>>>>>Read customer reviews on Amazon.com<<<<<

The disclaimer on the product says these results are not typical, so you may not get the same exact results. The only way to know if the PiYo workout DVDs will work for you is to buy the program, try it for a few weeks. Go here to check prices and availability.

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