No Infomercial Posts today – just a reflection on the age of technology

I didn’t get to watch TV last weekend because both of my kids were and still are ill. I myself, am not feeling too good today either. My hypothyroidism is compounded by some diabetic symptoms. But I’m not complaining. My Hubby took up the slack yesterday with dinner,(a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken and home-cooked rice and peas). I appreciated it although I didn’t have much of an appetite.

The forced respite got me wondering, how did people get by without all the devices and conveniences that we have today?

My daughter ran a fever of over 101 degrees Fahrenheit last night and all I had to do was put her in the shower on a plastic chair, turn on the water heater and temper the water to lukewarm and cool her down in minutes. I learned my lesson from dealing with fevers from when my first child was little I used to use cold water to cool him and the fever would sky rocket after a few minutes.

Anyways back to Jenna and her fever, without a water heater I would have to heat the water on the stove then pour it in the bath and then temper it with cold water, then have her sit in it and maybe use a cup to pour it on her back and body. It’s not exactly a chore, but it’s much easier to just let her sit and use the shower hose to spray her with the lukewarm water.

I think she liked it too, she shivered a little as the water evaporated from her body and she cooled down quite a bit. To the point where she could keep down the acetaminophen, which further reduced her fever.

Another challenge is that the fever made her vomit. At one point it was all over the bed, soaked her pajamas, and mine.

To wash all those sheets without a washing machine would have been a chore. It is still a chore with the washing machine but you know what I mean.

She is feeling a little better today but will not be able to make it to school. The doctor says she has tonsillitis and gave her a week’s dose of antibiotics and some allergy medications. Hopefully my little princess will be back on her feet in no time.

Another modern miracle.

There was a time when something as common place as a bacterial infection would kill off a whole community but now we have doctors and antibiotics and medical research and consults that make the thought of dying from an illness less likely.

Thank you modern science!

Back to what life was like before all these technological advancements. I am a big fan of Jane Austen and the Regency period so when I say back in time I am talking about her time, the Regency Period.

Well first of all, there would have been no way for you to read this post, as the internet was not yet invented. And I would have been too busy and worried about my children not getting better. I probably would have been dead by now because my hypothyroidism would not have been diagnosed and the medication that I take once daily would not have been available.

Sounds grim I know, but that was life back then and I am sure that the people living at that time didn’t see a problem with it.

There was however an upside.

People spent more time together and actually enjoyed each other’s company. With no TV, creativity soared as writing became a way to express thoughts and be entertained. We humans are very resilient and inventions came to be out of this need to spend less time trying to live and actually living.

For example, printing presses made it easier to have more than one copy of a book. There were ways to wash clothes with lye and water but the first washing machine was not invented until centuries later.

And meals took a lot of preparation and maybe a whole day to cook.

So while I love the regency period, I think I like the technological age better.

What do you think? Do you think you could survive without modern technology? Let me know in the comments below.

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