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Joroto Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The Joroto indoor cycling bike is no average ‘Jo’. In this exercise bike review, I’ll share with you why I like this one and why cycling is a good way for you to stay in shape. Let’s begin.

If you are tired of being tired, then it’s time for you to WORK it OUT!
But how do you part a sea of stress and demands to get to the gym? Well luckily for you, you don’t have to …let the gym come to you instead.

Introducing The Joroto X1S Indoor Cycling  Bike Trainer.

The Joroto X1S is no average Joe, it may be termed a basic spin bike but it’s a quality piece of equipment suited for the demands of a 24-hour fitness gym.

Having bought one for my home gym, I’m really happy I did my research or else I would have compromised and allowed an excellent stationary bike to have passed me by. While my home gym is not necessary a 24-hour situation, this bike was purchased with multiple users in mind. Who doesn’t want to embrace the leverage of having more than what is required to do the job?

Very Practical – No Biking Trail Needed

I’m pleasantly surprised how practical having a spin bike is, it really fills the need but I guess having damaged my right knee playing football just one week before my wedding and having to carry my wonderful bride on crutches I should have known that I would eventually have to consier buying a spin bike.

Apart from being an excellent means of physiotherapy for such injuries, I have found spin bike training to have a low impact on my joints during high-intensity cardio workout sessions, which makes it perfect for individuals with similar injuries or may be overweight.

Budget Meets Quality

I’m not saying that there are not cheaper bikes nor am I saying that there are not better bikes. This is what I’m saying, as an experienced shopper I have been forced to acknowledge that you get what you pay for. The cheaper models are usually built to last a couple of years, give and take, depending on the degree and frequency of usage. So if you are looking for a lifetime ride you may not want to go too cheap.

When I entered the spin bike market, my purchase plan was to get a high-quality product at the best price. Notice quality precedes price.

It’s easy to say that spin bikes, in general, carry you nowhere really fast but the Joroto is designed to give you a realistic experience of moving through the wind especially if you have it placed right where I have, on the balcony. Proper ventilation is always the emphasis when you’re exercising.

The Joroto is a solid ride, it’s a sturdily built machine guaranteed to hold up to 280lbs. For a bike that is out of its league, the Joroto X1S is a very sweet ride for the price. it is definitely one of the best basic spin bikes on the market.

Price Factor – Best Budget Spin Bike

Have you ever had just enough money to buy a beer but what you really wanted was a glass of champagne? I’m assuming that you know exactly what I’m talking about. Now, how do we relate this uneven equation to the world of spin bikes? Let me explain.

The name Joroto, while having quite a history is not a well-known brand in the US spin bike industry, it’s obvious that they are trying to carve out a reputation for themselves by offering such a higher quality bike for the range in which it is priced. A smart move on their part and it would be an even smarter, move on your part if you decide to capitalize on their brand recognition strategy.

Charming Look and Feel Will Not Mess With Your Decor

Its slick design and durable construction is lacking only one thing, the mobility required to show it off. They must have tried it several times to have gotten it so right, the black, silver, red and white, the colors of harmony painted to capture buyers delight. This may sound superficial but so many times it’s the little things that manufacturers have gotten so wrong, repelling buyer’s interest or at worst leaving some with buyer’s remorse.

Sturdy Exercise Bike – Packaged With Care  

The Joroto team has really gone above average to provide the best quality equipment and great customer service. The very day after making my purchase they started communicating with me, committing themselves to make my experience a great one. They even sent me a video of how to properly assemble the bike.

The box was heavy and carefully packaged with custom made tools and instructions to assemble the unit. Putting it together was pretty easy, it took me about 20-30 minutes to complete. With the dual transportation wheels, I could easily move the unit and wheel it to its location, like a wheelbarrow.

Livable Flaws – Things I don’t like about the Joroto Spin Bike 

The only fault I have over-looked in buying this bike is that it doesn’t feature a water bottle holder. The bikes with water bottle holders that are in the same price range were not as sturdy or attractive, they carried a lesser weight limit and most of all, none of them carried a tablet support stand for my 10 inch iPad (I’ll explain to you later why this is such a big deal).

Not having a water bottle holder is reduced to not being a real issue at all, remember this is stationary bike we’re talking about “it’s not moving” I can always have my three bottles of water set up on a stand right there by my side because I’m working out at home, not at a gym.

Notice, I consume about three bottles of water to properly hydrate myself during intense cardio sessions, this amount cannot hold on a bike; see what I mean….livable flaw.

It also does get a bit noisy when you increase the resistant level, but if you are a practical guy like me then you would agree that increased friction cannot be manifested in any other way.

You have to be reasonable, it’s pretty simple really if you’re going to sweat then you are gonna get wet, in other words, “the cause of B is the effect of A” so is the semantics and can hardly be called a flaw at all.

Then again if you cannot live with a little resistant noise, then you may need to increase your budget to spend about 10 times more for a Peloton bike with it’s ‘quiet magnetic technology’ and please bear in mind that this is not just a pricey bike but also a movement so you will also have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.

Go Straight Ahead – I Would Recommend It

Now, remember earlier I promised to explain why having a bike with a tablet support is such a big deal to me. Well since we have already made mention of the very high-end Peloton bike, let me point out that it comes with a monitor that is connected to an online platform to facilitate live spin classes.

My Joroto does not come with a preinstalled monitor but it has a 10-inch monitor support stand that accommodates my iPad. I simply download free cycling apps, like Cycle Go. These apps create a very similar but free experience……wallah, my own little Peloton monster, my wife and I are loving it!

Life has taught me that a lot of things that are priced out of my range can be had with much less money, with a little compromise and a whole lot of creativity. The Joroto X1S is definitely a bike you can ride into the very far future.

I have tested this bike with 250 lbs of solid weight (my own bodyweight) and I must say that it’s a sturdy piece of machinery; I got a stable ride even while standing and bouncing my weight from left to right. This bike is solid to the core.

Its 35 lbs flywheel and 5 resistance levels have really elevated my workout, increasing my endurance and energy levels.

This exercise spin bike has a user-friendly functional digital monitor which puts you in full control as you track your time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

However, let me emphasize that having a spin bike is not enough to realize your training goals, you need a coach, someone to instruct, motivate and take you through the work out and since you are not at the gym your next best bet is using a training app which means you need a bike designed for that sort of thing. The Joroto X1S high-end feature of a 10-inch iPad support goes farther in realizing and addressing such practical insight.

I really love this exercise bike times two, first for the quality and second for the price. I’m sure you will too. I strongly recommend it.

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