InstantPot Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Have you seen the Instant pot electric pressure cooker infomercial? Wondering if you should buy it? Well here is a candid review and comparison of how Instant pot stands up against other pressure cookers.

So the Instant Pot is a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, and will also brown the meat for you. Watch as each function is tested.

The saute function:  The stove top pressure cooker can get to a higher heat at the bottom that the Instapot and therefore will brown the meat faster. The Instant Pot will kinda brown the meat but if you want a quick sear you will need to use a skillet on a stove top.

The claim is that it does all that a regular pressure cooker can do in 15 minutes. But it doesn’t really.

This is mostly because the InstaPot has a preheat mode which can range between 10 to 40 minutes. So if you want to use it youneed to plug it in and turn it on about half an hour ahead of time. Something they probably forgot to mention in the infomercial.

After 15 minutes of pressuring the meat in the regular presuure cooker is tender and cooked but the Instant Pot is still heating up after all that time. Does this mean that it wil be a waste of money to buy it? No not necessarily.

If you notice the main problem with the regular pressure cooker is that after the meat is cooked it still has a lot of fluid left over. The flavoris mostly in the water. You would then have to remove the lid and simmer the fluid down to make a gravy.




Did you know that if you don’t fancy having too much left overs then the 6 quart InstaPot might be too much pot for you? Try the InstaPot mini instead. The 6 quart is better if you have company over often.




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