Did you miss the flavor wave turbo oven infomercial? Well here’s all you need to know.

The Flavorwave turbo oven infomercial debuted in 2007 as another halogen lamp cooker. The infomercial featured Mr T. telling a story of how frustrated he was with traditional cooking and challenged hi high profile friends to create a product that would make cooking easier.

Back then the FlavorWave oven was starting a  “new generation in cooking”. Literally that was it’s tagline. Since then so many other halogen cookers have swamped the cookware category of as seen on TV products.

Come down memory lane with me as we watch this infomercial for the FlavorWave Turbo Oven.

Don’t you just love when they start out like that? A housewife with the worst life ever, very stressed out with everything that is going on in her life especially taking care of her family with round the clock meals.

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