Buy as seen on TV products with buyer protection – here’s how

Buy as seen on TV products  with buyer protection – here’s how
Buy as seen on TV products with buyer protection – here’s how

Save yourself from customer service nightmares by buying 'as seen on TV" products through Amazon.

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The best place to buy as seen on TV products is not from the manufacturers. They usually do a poor job with regards to customer service there is no way to tell if their websites are secure and will protect your credit card information. Most of these companies outsource customer service to other companies. That may or may not be a good thing.

I always check for as seen on TV products on Amazon first before checking the websites stated in the infomercials.That’s my little secret and Amazon has never failed me when it comes to making sure that the seller delivers on what is promised. And if there is a problem with the product I can always demand a refund.

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Amazon puts their customers first and that my friend is what most manufacturers fail to do. I think they really want to do what is right but most of them are just starting out in online retail and so are still trying to find their way. Until they do I will not be sharing my personal credit card information with them.

Amazon has a better fulfillment system so if you have Prime membership you are most likely to get the item delivered within two days. That is much more convenient than waiting two to three weeks on some Asian fulfillment company, called ‘TsowTan Trading'(not a real company name).

Returns are another issue. What happens you bought a product through an infomercial and when you finally receive it, you are disappointed because it does not work? If you bought it from Amazon that’s not a big deal you can simply return the item to the seller. But if you bought it directly from the seller their is no guarantee that they will accept your reason for a returning the item as valid enough for a refund or an exchange.

Many of my readers have recounted horror stories they have encountered in dealing directly with manufacturers who have poor customer service departments and couldn’t care less if you were happy with the product they sold to you.

Can you find most as seen on TV products on Amazon though?

Ah.. Yes you can. If the products are not on Amazon or don’t plan to be then they may not be worth buying. Here is a list of as seen on TV products you can buy right now on Amazon.

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