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The best mattress for a good night sleep – Dream Cloud Mattress Review.

Could your mattress be preventing you from achieving your full potential?

Kim Vandenburgh, professional swimmer on the United States Olympic team, speaks about  the mattress that literally saved her career.

Kim Vendenburgh's DreamCloud Mattress Review

Kim Vendenburgh’s DreamCloud Mattress Review

“My whole life was dedicated to training, some days I would train up to three times a day in the water. It took a toll on my body. Eating right, sleeping, and taking care of my health outside of the pool was crucial to my performance.

I was tired all the time. My body just felt completely broken down and just needed to rest and replenish. But it’s always been difficult to fall asleep. For me, I have to wake up really early for training and with this mattress I feel like I could sleep quicker, as soon as I get in bed. I’m not waking up as much I used to. And I am getting deeper sleep, which translates in to replenishing your body and getting the energy that I need the next morning and the next day.

Mattress for a better night sleep

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For me as a swimmer, a better night sleep, I mean if I get 7 to 8 hours that’s ideal. In the past I had been playing with just 4 to 5 hours of sleep and then I just feel completely wrecked the next day.

So with the dream cloud mattress, I’m definitely hitting the 8-hour mark and even the other night I got nine hours of sleep. And so I’m really feeling a lot more balanced the next day.

A lot of Athletes have to fight with this sleeping issue you have to find the right mattress.

Especially if you have an injury you have to find the right mattress that helps your back. For me I have a bad back and  has been really comfortable. I have had no issues with my back because of the mattress.”

– Kim Vandenburgh. – Olympic Swimmer

Is your Mattress Preventing You From Living?

Could your mattress be preventing you from achieving your full potential?

What if the reason why you feel so tired and lack luster throughout the day was all because you have been sleeping on the wrong mattress. The internet is filled with pages about the right mattress for back pain but what if you just needed a better night sleep so as not to feel so groggy in the morning. The people over at  Dream Cloud would like you test this out. Here’s what they are offering.

Try A New Dream Cloud Mattress for One full Year…

…and return it for a full refund if it doesn’t help you sleep better. You have nothing to lose. Plus for a limited time they are giving you $200 off the regular price. View the discounted price here. 

Mattress for a better night sleep

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We may receive a small commission if you make a purchase.

So what is a Dream Cloud Mattress?

Millions of Americans swear by it. Even Olympic athletes say that it has improved their lives dramatically. This mattress is different from your average memory foam mattress because it is built with a combination of coils, memory foam and a quilted euro pillow top. This combination makes it a durable mattress that many say will give you the best night sleep you’ll ever have.

The Dream Cloud Mattress addresses the issues that prevent most people from getting a good night’s sleep

Balance and Support: This mattress is built with medium firmness so you will never feel as if you are sleeping on quicksand, the way some memory foam mattresses feel. The edge of the bed stays supported even if your partner hogs the entire middle and leaves you at the edge, you will not fall off.

Stay cool all night: The problem with standard memory foams is that they trap heat, This mattress is designed in a way that promotes airflow right through the mattress, so you will never wake up drowning in your own sweat.

It remains cool throughout the night so if you get night sweats, this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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Durability: Many foam mattresses start off good but your sleep quality declines as the mattress breaks down over time. The Dream Cloud Mattress is built to deliver the best sleep quality throughout the duration of their lifetime warranty.

What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

 “Early to bed to early to rise makes a man (or woman) healthy, wealthy, and wise.” That old adage is true. But have you ever felt disoriented at work? Have you ever felt depressed, pressured and stressed because of normal daily activities?

Sure you may be saying that you go to bed early but sleep research shows that many people go to bed at a reasonable time but few actually fall asleep immediately. They often find it difficult to fall asleep. And even fewer people get the deep REM sleep that the body needs to restore itself. So a good eight hours in bed could easily translate to 4 hours of sleep. Leaving you feeling tired, miserable and unmotivated the next day.

There are many factors that may delay your body’s ability to fall asleep quickly, besides sleeping on the wrong mattress.

You could also have a medical condition that also affects your energy and sleep.

So here is your chance to make sure that it’s not your mattress. By trying the Dream Cloud Mattress for one full year you will have known if the problem is your current mattress.

So here is what you need to do now to stop feeling so tired

Claim your $200 discount and give Dream Cloud a try this year. Your life needs you and it’s time you stopped making excuses about why you can’t get through the day without 4 cups of coffee and naps in between. Who knows what you could become if you had the energy and mental clarity that a good night sleep could bring.

Go here to claim this offer and remember to leave a review below so our readers can know if changing your mattress, changed your life.


Oops! I forgot to mention that you get free shipping and returns with your order. You can also select a payment plan if you’d rather pay in installments.

Check the current price here.

Mattress for a better night sleep

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We may receive a small commission if you make a purchase.


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