Anti Wrinkle Cream as seen on tv? Read This Before Buying Plexaderm

Are you concerned that theanti wrinkle cream as seen on tv,  which seems to be the perfect thing won’t get rid of those crows feet nor take years off your face? In this review, I’ll share with you how it works and what you need to do after it wears off, which will be about after two hours and then you’ll need some more.

Take Plexaderm, for example, It’s being advertised on tv as the best way to get rid wrinkles but the reviews say otherwise. Even on their own website, people are complaining that while the product works in the way that it is described, there is something dreadfully wrong with the applicator.

Those who said it worked had a problem with the bottle and those who said it doesn’t work think it’s a waste of money.

How it works?

According to the official Plexaderm website:

  • Plexaderm uses silicate minerals from shale clay to form a temporary tightening layer on your skin.
  • They claim that this invisible layer visibly tighten and lift crow’s feet and wrinkles surrounding your eyes in minutes.
  • They claim it also shrinks under-eye bags in minutes.

So now my question is, what are silicate minerals and can they tighten the skin? Let’s take a closer look at  the main ingredients in Plexaderm anti wrinkle cream.


Main Ingredients

Silicate minerals: Can they form a tightening layer on the skin and are they harmful?

What are silicate minerals?

According to, Silicate minerals are the most common of Earth’s minerals and include quartz, yes the popular countertop material, It is formed from a compound called Silica tetrahedra, made up of silicon and oxygen, form chains,
sheets, and frameworks, and bond with other cations to form silicate

That’s a little too technical. What you really want to know is, does it tighten the skin?

The short answer is yes.

I found a patent on Google describing in detail the development of cream containing silicate minerals, it details scientific tests that were carried on stratum corneum(skin) samples and there were consistent skin tightening results, although temporary.

Other face creams also have Silicate Minerals

There are other products with a similar ingredient list to Plexaderm. The difference is that they use the name Laponite as the ingredient. Some of these you may already know, for example, you may not have heard of Sigma, Amigel or Laponite Cream, but you may have heard of Ponds cold cream. Some older people swear by it!

All these have a reputation for creating instant skin tightening effects on the face.

Other wrinkle creams you may have seen on tv also have this “secret ingredient”. If you see clay as an ingredient most likely it has laponite clay.


If you are looking for a quick fix for an evening out Plexaderm will work but keep in mind that it will not replace your regular moisturizing creams or routine.

One of the best ways to keep the skin on your face wrinkle free for longer is to moisturize both night and day with a good facial moisturizer.

I find that Olay Regenerist is good enough for my needs.

And don’t forget the sunscreen!


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